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Stonebridge UK Limited is a 3rd generation family business established in 1947.

We are a major supplier of preformed wood components for a wide range of applications. While furniture accounts for the majority of our production, we supply an increasing amount to the manufacturing and construction industry. Our components are produced from Birch or Beech rotary cut veneers for both show wood and upholstery quality. We also work with other materials such as Reholz 3D veneer, decorative veneer, plywood (bent plywood and curved plywood), MDF, chipboard, laminate, cork and linoleum.

about us ISO 9001 Certified ISO 14001 Certified FSC Certified



Sitting Comfortably for Timber Trades Journal

Keren Fallwell from 'Timber Trades Journal' ( interviews John Green and learns the fascinating story of Stonebridge from its founding days in 1947 as a joinery company, through the transition to becoming the UK’s largest manufacturer of preformed plywood components, supplying most of the UK’s chair manufacturers by 2000. They go on to discuss the establishment of their Greenform subsidiary in Slovakia, and their partnerships with innovative designers, and continuing commitment to working with new materials and new technologies.…

Sitting Comfortably for Timber Trades Journal