Everyman Theatre Liverpool

Everyman Theatre Liverpool

Client: Kirwin & Simpson Seating

Everyman theatre in Liverpool has just won the 2014 Riba Sterling Prize and we are proud to have manufactured the preformed seat and back components used in the new seating.

Preformed Desk tops

Preformed Desk tops

Client: CPS Manufacturing Co LLP

Designer: CPS in house design team

Bespoke Laminated preformed desk tops supplied in various shapes and sizes up to 2.1m in length

Keats Diner Oak and Leather Chair


Client: Lyndon Design

Designer: in house design team

The seat and back ply assemblies are produced to a demanding tolerance using preformed components, CNC machine profiled and drilled on one of our 5 axis machine centres.

Blackboard 2 Console

Blackboard 2 Console

Client: FilmLight ltd

Designer: Luke Woolfson - FilmLight

Blackboard 2 has been produced from 3D Veneer allowing the user to connect with the feel of real wood rather than other traditional less tactile materials. The 5 axis CNC machining of the numerous keyholes and cut outs proved to be a real challenge for the programmer.



Client: Pledge office Chairs ltd

Designer: in-house design team

The refined and inviting form of Spirit is available in both upholstery and show wood formats.

Cobra Railway Refurb Seating

Railway Refurb Seating

Client: Cobra Design Centre

The pre-formed plywood seat and back squab panels used in the refurbishment of railway passenger seating have been fireproofed to BS 476: part 7 (class 1 – Surface spread of flame).

Orangebox Pace Chair

Pace Meeting Chair

Client: Orangebox Ltd

Designer: Orangebox in-house design team

Pace is produced from FSC® veneers and can be supplied in a number of different finishes and wood veneers.

Orangebox Perimeter Upholstery System


Client: Orangebox Ltd

Designer: Orangebox in-house design team

Combining both flat and curved FSC® sheet material the Perimeter upholstery system ranges from a contemporary two-seater sofa to a suite of pieces that can be configured successfully in both confined spaces and vast atriums.

Boss Arran chair


Client: Boss Design Ltd

Designer: Boss Design in-house

The Arran range is the latest edition to the Boss Design collection of visitor, meeting and conference seating. The plywood shell has been designed for maximum comfort.

Verco Mix - nesting visitor and conference armchairs


Client: Verco Office Furniture Ltd

Designer: Roger Webb

Mix features either a medium or full back, fixed at the armrest to achieve enhanced responsiveness. An equally comfortable contoured seat allows the user to sit in comfort during longer periods.

Verco Luxus - executive seating

Luxus Arm

Client: Verco Office Furniture Ltd

Designer: Verco in-house design team

Manufactured using laminated beech, the Luxus arm brings the traditional warmth of wood into the modern executive office.

Komac Happy Chair


Client: Komac Ltd

Designer: Ian Marchant

The seamless lines of Happy proved to be a real technical challenge, especially when it came to the 5 axis CNC machining of the joint line between the seat and back ply.

G N Burgess ltd VIO


Client: Burgess Furniture Ltd

Designer: in-house, Peter Roth

The multi-curved back allows for the fixing of a contoured top rail for ease of handling.

Sky Creations Galaxy Seating

Galaxy Modular Seating

Client: Sky Creations Ltd

Designer: Ian Marchant

Galaxy has been designed to achieve maximum material yield from an 8 x 4 sheet and is supplied fully assembled to the client.

G N Burgess ltd PIO


Client: Burgess Furniture Ltd

Designer: Simon Pengelly

Designed by Simon Pengelly, PIO is a well proportioned stacking chair, achieving a successful balance between technical complexity and aesthetic simplicity.